10 Insanely Rich Pro Atheletes Who Have Been Humbled By Going Broke


Making a lot of money only really works in your favor if you use it wisely. Many successful jocks got caught up in the glamorous fortune they seemed to collect and managed to lose it all – quickly – over gambling addictions, outrageous spending, contentious divorces, etc. This list includes some of the most impressive losses for some of the, arguably, richest athletes.


Lenny Dykstra used to be worth $58 million during the heyday of his baseball career. He was living large and believed in his investments – he bought a $18.5 million mansion in California and developed a website about smart investing. What happened? Well, his story was mortgage fraud. He lost his mansion to foreclosure and filed for bankruptcy listing less than $50K in assets… which, in 2012, landed him in prison for about half a year for bankruptcy fraud, concealment of assets, and, just to cover all the bases, money laundering. You may remember clearly what happened to the next guy…


Michael Vick was a star quarterback for the Falcons, Eagles, and the NY Jets which flew him soaring past $100 million. Considering he spent a couple years in prison for the whole evil dog-fighting habit during his playing days, that’s kind of incredible. Thing is, while he was in jail, he convinced his creditors to adjust his debts. He owes $18 million… and he’s still working on it… Let’s move on to soccer!