10 “Straight” Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Same-Sex Lovers

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Celebrities keep a lot of things on the down low including their sexual lives. Here is a list of some famous celebrities who kept their interests hush, hush!

Katherine Hepburn
Katherine was known for her fierce independence and spunky personality. Such a personality in her day would lend itself to rumors. There have been many claims about the lovely actress being a lesbian in the 30s and 40s. Her family has consistently denied the rumors.

Little Richard
Little Richard had a little fun in the 60s! He admitted to having a gay relationship in the flower child days. In interviews, he would talk from time to time on his complications with sexual orientation.

Hugh Hefner
It probably doesn’t come as to much of a surprise. The founder of Playboy Magazine has had plenty of bunnies to choose from but admitted to having a male lover in the past as well!