10 Things All Women Secretly Want In Bed — But Are Afraid To Ask

LTI magazine

So, let’s get real for just a hot second! Women get so many mixed signals about what’s expected of them that the vast majority have no idea how to tap into what they really want when it comes to their love-making and are even less sure about how to make specific requests. Read on to learn more about what your woman might want but can’t ask for…


When it comes to being a lady, women are praised and/or scolded for being cold or uptight. When it comes to admitting to or, heaven forbid, demonstrating their sexuality, they are praised and/OR told they are trashy, a slut, etc.


So, when it comes to knowing how to be with the doors closed, a woman might not know how to show you her primal, lusty fantasies. If she’s really into you, she might feel even more intimated to do anything which may cause you to look down on her the way society might. Click ahead to see what you might explore with her in case she can’t ask for what she wants…