This 300-Pound Woman Shows Of Her Incredible Flexibility As She Can Put Her Legs Behind Her Head and Becomes A Certified Yoga Instructor!

Her presence in the yoga world has brought awards to her name. When you own your own body and declare your life it gives other people the strength and courage to do so in their own lives. It’s awesome to see Jessamyn giving that strength to others through example.

The lady works hard to develop quality sequences and classes for her followers! You go, girl! We would totally take a class from her!


Hearing how Jessamyn works through her own struggles and applies herself on a daily basis, helps remind us what we can do when feeling discouraged: “It takes work. Showing up for that work is what’s most important. So every day, I come back to the drawing board. I wipe away yesterday’s actions and try to release both the good and the bad emotions.”


“I try to be compassionate towards myself. I try to show myself love instead of hate. It is hard. I was not trained to love myself. I’m not good at it.”