She Ran Downstairs Screaming — When She Told Mom Why — Here’s Your Warning

Every teen loves their cellphone, its an awesome piece of technology, but even though our cellular devices do some pretty cool things, they come with a lot of unexpected dangers as well. When you hear what happened to this 13-year-old girl, you may never look at your cellphone the same way ever again!

cellphone dangers 2

While talking on her cellphone, Gabbie’s cell phone begin to malfunction and leak. She fell victim to second-degree burns on her neck and shoulder. Her smartphone literally scalded her neck. Now her mom is speaking out on social media to warn people like you about the dangers of cellphones and seeking out high-profile attorney’s to take the cellphone company in question to court.

cellphone dangers 3

According to FoxNews, while Gabbie was in her room chatting on the cellphone, her mother, Jackie Fedro heard her beloved teen scream at the top of her lungs. Gabbie screamed so loud that she also caught the attention of her neighbors who live next door in their luxury duplex.