64-Year-Old Woman’s Surface Amazing Beach Body Looks Better Than Most 25-Year-Olds — No Surgery Either! (Bikini Pics)

IG: ellenectorfit

Ellen Ector is a force to be reckoned with.  This grandmother has folks turning their heads on the internet after she turned her life around with a career change. She used to be a social worker, but decided that she needed a lifestyle change.

She’s 63 and the mother to 5 grown children.  She isn’t just a mother though, Ellen has 4 grandchildren as well.  She shares her passion for fitness with her family – even she and her daughter work together now.

She also owns 2 gyms in Atlanta.  In addition to Gymnetics Fitness and GymJuice, she just released a series of fitness DVDS.  Daily on her IG, she’s inspiring people to live a more healthy life.

With all of that on her plate, you’d think she would be tired and run down – like most other women her age.  Nope – and she’s passionate about helping other women be active and healthy and it show it her rock hard body.