‘90s Rapper Foxy Brown Shows Off Her New Blue-Eyed Baby And We Know Who The Mystery Father Is (Details)

Foxy doesn’t seem to mind the speculations. She has had enough fame it seems being a huge hit in the 90’s. She’s a kinda gal who appears to take fame when it comes and is just as okay with leaving it on the back burner as well!

Hey, when you have worked with everyone from LL Cool J to Toni Braxton we think it’s okay to have a bit of a breather in life! Having a baby is a good excuse for a breather!

It turns out that Foxy was ready to spill the beans recently on Instagram as to who the father was. No more speculation needed!

The father is Spragga Benz as revealed by Foxy’s simple but clear post. Spragga has let his own sentiments be known concerning Foxy, “Me personally as a person, I have great respect for her. I’ve seen other sides of her that the world don’t know. I’ve seen the loving person that she is.”