A$AP Rocky Revealed He Has A New GF And For The First Time In Forever, His New Bae Is Black! (Pics)


A$AP likes to change it up A$AP! It seems liked just a bit ago he was in cahoots with Kendall Jenner.

Daily Mail

But all’s fair when Kendall was reported to be dating both A$AP and Blake Griffin at the same time back in September. With Kendall traveling so much it just wasn’t serious enough for her to keep her grips on A$AP.

Daily Mail

With it being claimed that Rocky wasn’t ready to “settle down” with Kendall either we’re just guessing that it was time to let things go for the two. Ah, all’s well that ends well, right? The two seemed to have parted ways amicably!

Hype Beast

And with all that extra space in relationship world, Rocky seems to have filled it A$AP with the gorgeous 20 year old Tina Kunakey Di Vita. The model was recently seen cozying up to Rocky on the streets.