Aaron Clark’s Top 8 Exercises for Training Quads and Hams


IFBB 212 Pro Aaron Clark talked to Flex about how get goes about sculpting his legs. And although he doesn’t have the largest legs in the game, his conditioning has been top notch from the very first time he stepped on stage.


When it comes to leg day, Aaron approaches it with a bit of caution saying, “If it’s leg day and you’re exhausted, don’t go to the gym. You’re not going to get as much out of it anyway. Forcing yourself through a tough workout when you’re not at top form is just risking injury. Get, rested and fuel your body, then hit it hard when you come back tomorrow.”


Aaron likes to work legs it two workouts, taking about 5 days rest in between. In the first workout Aaron focuses on the quads and in the second workout hams are the priority. As far as calves go, Aaron does at least one exercise for calves every workout.