Adult Film Star Mia Khalifa Outs Pro Atheletes Who’ve Tried To Slide Into Her DMs (Only One Succeeded)

ESPN/ Complex

Mia Khalifa is a former adult film star turned sports writer who deals with her fair share of internet harassment; mainly from athletes who don’t understand that her former career path doesn’t entitle them to her attention. Khalifa has made no bones about sharing embarrassing screen-shots of the men who try sliding into her DMs.

Khalifa is from Beirut, and she moved to the US in 2000. After working at What-A-Burger when a customer asked her if she ever considered doing pornography. Fast forward to less than a year later and she found herself ranked as the number one performer on Pornhub.

She grew disenfranchised with the web cam world pretty quickly, and began using her social media following to make her background in marketing and her interest in sports to make a career change. She started trying to recruit players and discussing stats, before long, she started to be taken seriously.


While fellow sports commentators and contributors may balk at her more risque Instagram feed than her’s, she has made her own way in a field that doesn’t have a lot of female representation. Considering men do not often respect women who have taken their own sexuality into their own hands-in whatever capacity-so that speaks a lot to Khalifa’s strength and resolve.