Air Force Sergeant Under Investigation After Going On A Crazy, Racist Rant Against Black Women! (Video)

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Black women have long been targets of discrimination and cruel stereotypes despite despite their immeasurable contributions to the U.S. economy and cultural landscape. Many now feel African American women serve as the moral backbone of U.S. politics as they drove predator Roy Moore out of office last fall despite the candidate’s overwhelming support from white women.

Even those black women so obviously serving our country by enlisting aren’t given the proper respect America so loudly claims to hold for its armed forces. Tech. Sgt. Geraldine Lovely made it clear in a disturbing Facebook video now under investigation how far our institutions still have to go before racism is fully resolved.

Here we have SAM 27000 which was Ronald Reagan’s Air Force one. It’s a Boeing 707

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In her now viral rant, the air force sergeant singles out her “black female” subordinates for perceived disrespectful attitudes. She goes on to express her intense frustration so extreme she feels pushed to brink of her professionalism.

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“They’re talking down to me,” Lovely said in the rant. “I’m trying to tread lightly as a … higher-ranking [non-commissioned officer] to not blow the fuck up and start a fight club.” Such an misleading last name for what appears to be an unhinged.