Alex Rodriguez Is Allegedly Cheating On Jennifer Lopez, According To Woman Claiming To Be A-Rod’s Current Mistress

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Just one day after TMZ broke the story about a mystery mistress coming forward to blackmail baseball star Alex Rodriguez, a National Enquirer story breaks with all kinds of sordid details about Rodriguez’s relationship long-time mistress. Lauren Hunter and A.Rod met in 2011 at a club called Equinox and have been seeing each other off-and-on ever since.

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34-year-old Lauren Hunter shared very intimate details of the famous baseball player’s physique and fetishes in the bedroom. She claims that A.Rod likes to come to her to fulfill his freaky desires.

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According to Hunter, the chemistry between the two is off the chain; as they would engage in 12 hour sex-a-thons. A sex-a-palooza, if you will. But, Hunter’s most salacious claim is that A.Rod is a serial cheater who is currently cheating on his new girlfriend Jennifer Lopez; and that she has been with him since the famous couple started seeing one another.

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‘I don’t think he’s sexually attracted to her. In bed with J.Lo, he’s probably picturing me,” Lauren Hunter told The Enquirer. First of all, the claim that anyone could not be sexually attracted to Jennifer Lopez is absolutely ridiculous. Secondly it just sounds like Alex Rodriguez has sexual appetites that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t satisfy.

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This happens more often in relationships that people would like to admit. And monogamous-oriented people see themselves as having two options; suffer or cheat. Everyone’s needs can be met consensually in an open, honest, communicative way; but who wants to do anything ethically?