Amber Rose Admits She Has A Weird Fetish: She Likes To Sniff 21 Savage’s Dirty Underwear & The Reason Is Crazy!


Amber Rose is something else. Sure, lots of sexy women have come and gone in Hollywood but none has quite had the outspoken attitude of Amber Rose who is using her platform to reshape how we perceive female sexuality. That said, given today’s news, perhaps Amber Rose could be well served by keeping some things private.

Amber is one of several notable women of color to embrace third wave feminism in entertainment right now. Also known as intersectional feminism, this movement espouses collective liberation across gender, sexuality and race.

Third wave feminism as we see with Amber Rose and Cardi B also stands for sex worker rights and complete bodily autonomy. Both Cardi and Amber previously worked as exotic dancers and have never been shy or embarrassed about it. 

Feminists like Amber Rose also demonstrate how social justice does not equate to eschewing traditional femininity or sexiness. I mean, you’re looking at the same photos as me, right? Amber Rose oozes sex appeal.