Amber Rose Admits She Has A Weird Fetish: She Likes To Sniff 21 Savage’s Dirty Underwear & The Reason Is Crazy!

She’s been very open about her sexuality, body and the right to express these things free of harassment. Amber Rose started the annual “Slut Walk” a couple years ago in order to challenge the pervasive notion that women are “asking for it” by dressing a certain way. 

She has also recently become a spokesperson for a line of sex toys and is using her social media platform to advocate for the end to the shame we associate with self pleasure. Amber Rose also uses her image to show that the hurtful but ingrained concept of women as “virgin” or “[email protected]” is a falsehood. Amber Rose is as much a video vixen as she is a devoted mother. 

Amber Rose already has a son who is now five by rapper Whiz Khalifa. Their tumultuous relationship eventually ended in divorce shortly after their child was born. 

Amber has spoken openly about how being a mother doesn’t mean she stopped being a sexual person with her own ambitions outside of child rearing.  Lucky for us because she’s due with another baby by her new man as we speak.