Angela Simmons Released Some Jaw-Dropping Bikini Pics And Rapper Yo Gotti Slid Up In Her DM’s Just Like The Song!

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Y’all, it is hard out here for a woman. It seems like you are never pretty enough. Never thin enough. We are always living up to some standard set by men.

Back in this cold nyc weather !! Wishing I was back in Bimini 😩

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And if you show off your body and if you are proud of yourself, you might catch some snark for being too uppity or into yourself. Women just can’t win.

100 percent natural . I speak on this because embracing my curves growing up has always been a challenge for me. I struggled with insecurities as a little girl . Not understanding that curvy can still be beautiful . I know in this day and age people strive for perfection . Making their bodies perfect . I personally have learned to live the healthiest lifestyle that I can. And even after bearing a child I now embrace myself even more. I now know my strength. I am a woman ! I am strong! And I embrace every imperfection I own! I am constantly going to work on loving me!!! And I encourage you all to do the same. Although it may not be easy at times …. I still encourage you to truly love yourself ! #Humble ❤️💙❗️🙏🏼 #NoFilter #NoTouchUps

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And the moment you show off your body, you might be called a thot or worse. Click next to read more about this, and why it applies to Angela Simmons.