Angela Simmons Released Some Jaw Dropping Bikini Pics And Rapper Yo Gotti Slide Up In Her DM’s Just Like The Song!


Y’all, it is hard out here for a woman. It seems like you are never pretty enough. Never thin enough. We are always living up to some standard set by men.

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And if you show off your body and if you are proud of yourself, you might catch some snark for being too uppity or into yourself. Women just can’t win.


And the moment you show off your body, you might be called a thot or worse. Click next to read more about this, and why it applies to Angela Simmons.

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Ugh, and then there is the male gaze. This is the theory that the world is depicted through the eyes of heterosexual men and that women are depicted as objects of desire and pleasure, not fully humans with personhood. This is especially true for women who are famous.