Another Popular Rapper (This One From Detroit) Is Gunned Down After Social Media Beef


Detroit is known for being a city that produces a lot of great music. It has a long history of giving the world amazing musicians and songs. The Motor City gave us Motown, and classic acts like Martha and the Vandellas, The Supremes, The Temptations. Detroit also produces great hip hop and rap, including Eminem, Proof, and Doughboy Roc.

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Detroit is also known for its violence. After the economic decline hit Michigan in the 1980s and the state’s economy tanked, its cities that once had auto plants–such as Flint, Saginaw, and of course Detroit–went from booming cities to violence plagued economic ghost towns.


You can hear the change in Detroit reflected in the music. Detroit went from being known for upbeat vocal groups to being known for rappers reporting from the streets and rock bands making music that reflects their culture. This economic downturned lead to a lot of interesting art and music.

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You can hear the desperation and even a bit of Midwestern wryness in a lot of the music coming out of Detroit, especially Eminem’s lyrics. But even successful rappers cannot escape the violence of the streets.¬†Click next to learn more the latest tragedy in the Detroit music scene.