Another Popular Rapper (This One From Detroit) Is Gunned Down After Social Media Beef

Jerry Production

Detroit is slowly getting better. But unless you are living in a rich suburb like Gross Pointe, you still do not want to be in some parts of Detroit after dark. Click next to read about how Detroit’s violence is taking a toll on its creative community. Click next to read more about the Detroit rap scene’s latest tragedy.


Unfortunately, sometimes rappers get caught up in the violence. Back in 2006, Proof, a member of the chart topping Detroit group D12, was shot and killed during an altercation at the CCC nightclub, located in Detroit. And now there is another dead rapper to add to this sad list.


It seems that there is another rapper to add to this list of people gunned down way before their time. Doughboy Roc, born Rodney Yeargin, was caught up in some violence earlier this month.


Police said that around 3:30 PM on October 9, Doughboy Roc, age 29, was found shot to death inside his white Hyundai on the west side of Detroit.