Ariel Winter Claps Back At The Internet For Calling Her A THOT And “Fat” — Is She Just Being A Kid In These Photos Or Is It Beyond Good Taste?

Twitter: @sexyceleb69 / @nevfkaga

Ariel Winter is known first for her performance in Modern Family and second for her jaw-dropping and revealing photos on Instagram! She’s received a lot of criticism for her choices of dress – we have some examples to show you of her choices of dress and her opinion about your opinion!

Last month, Winter attended The Lost Village premiere in L.A. in a dress which made her lack of bra and panties perfectly transparent. The side panels on the short dress show just enough skin right where you would expect the undergarments to be! Papa Smurf was surely pleased in the next photo!

Here’s the classic children’s cartoon character hugging on to the scantily clad, blue-nailed 19-year-old actress and people had plenty to say about her attire. From criticism to lewd comments to praise, Winter no longer entertains what people have to say. She what she wore most recently at a Modern Family finale event.