Azealia Banks Calls Cardi B An “Illiterate Untalented Rat” On IG – “She Got Her Teeth Done Last Year And They Are Already Yellow”

IG: azealiabanks / iamcardib

Okay, so it looks like Cardi B and Azealia Banks are definitely not the best of friends! The 212 rapper went full fledge on Cardi B recently!

Azealia completely and utterly dissed Cardi B on Tuesday. It started with her response to a video that Jarobi White, a member of A Tribe Called Quest, put out on Instagram.

That’s random you may say! But the video was of Cardi B explaining why she feels the need to flaunt her money and success for all to see- haters and all!

Cardi B does have a point! She points out that really the masses are the ones with the power. Having been at the bottom and now experiencing fame, Cardi B explains that she now understands why artists go all out- as a reminder to followers of how far they have come.

Cardi says that the masses are really the ones with the pride problem. She explains how hard it is to deal with trolls regularly calling you all sorts of messed up names and throwing out all kinds of rumors. How funny it is when the coin is flipped, right?

Well, Azealia definitely had some words to say about Cardi B’s monologue. She did not cut any slack, “Ewww. You’re getting unfollowed for posting this illiterate untalented rat. This b–ch is not an artist if anyone needs to humble themselves. It’s her.”

You just have to shake your head when you realize that Azealia did not stop there, “She got her teeth done last year and they are already yellow… truest definition of take the girl out of the hood but can’t take the hood out of the girl.”

Eek! Those are some cutting words!! Sounds like a Mean Girls sequel to us!  What is that your parents said, kids? If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! She just made two enemies- Jarobi and Cardi- as it seems that Jarobi was siding with Cardi’s opinion having captioned the video with “No lie”.

Some are speculating that Azealia is using the classic cut-down a higher artist than you method to gain exposure for the release of her upcoming album Fantasea II: The Second Wave in March. It could very well be the case and she most definitely would not be the first artist to do so!

Followers of Jarobi are backing up Cardi B and shaming Azealia on the post. One follower commented, “I bet her a– gracefully excused herself from this thread. She is a delusional child with poor self esteem.”

The follower goes on to say,”Why else would this young lady come for folks for no apparent reason?! 1) if you like her cool 2) if you don’t like her music cool 3) if you don’t like her then shut the hell up and keep it moving. When you have talent you have no time to constantly through shade because your focused on you! #DoBetter”

Wise words! Another follower shared, “@azealiabanks You just got a 1 million deal thats 500k more than Netflix wanted to give Monique …Be happy.”

Yeah, we are inclined to agree with the follower! It’s not every day just some regular ole’ Joe gets to signed up for a big buck record deal!

Apparently this isn’t Azealia’s first round of sharp words toward Cardi! She called her a “poor man’s Nicki Minaj” last year after the release of Bodak Yellow.

Cardi has yet to respond to Banks’ cutting remarks. Will she take the high road and not say anything at all? It’s not like she doesn’t have enough success to keep her busy. We say that she should just keep moving and grooving!