Beautiful 10 Year Old Girl Has Her Face Injured After Jealous Little Girl Throws Boiling Water At Her! (Parents What Would You Do?!)

So, there’s the saying, “Kids will be kids…” but, it’s up to parents and all other older influences to teach our kids to respect the livelihood of others. This is a tough story and the ending is not yet in sight.

11 year old Jamoneisha Merritt was a normal kid earlier this week having fun (and drama) at a sleepover. She’ll never be just an average person again because of the disturbing actions of one other child at the sleepover.

Daily Mail

You probably had sleepovers as a kid, so, you tell us – did you ever think about hurting one of the other participants in his or her sleep? Did you follow through? Click ahead to hear how poor Jamoneisha was horribly burned…