Beautiful Actress Taraji Henson Had Some Plastic Surgery Done On Her Face – Do You Like The New Look Or Did She Look Better Before?

It looks like one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood has succumbed to the town’s pressure not to age by having some work done on her previously flawless face. How do you feel about Taraji P. Henson’s new face?

Shadow and Act

Taraji P. Henson solidified herself into our hearts and minds as a Dang Queen when she stole the show as Cookie Lions on the Fox series¬†Empire.¬†Tough-talking Cookie’s ostentatious style and fierce attitude helped catapult Henson onto red carpets and into career-making role after role.


Her style, beauty, and kind, supportive heart, as well as her amazing sense of humor are just a few of Taraji’s best assets. But she also happens to be a stone cold fox. Click next to see more of how she looks now!