Beef Alert: NBA Stars Chris Paul And Austin Rivers Are Beefing After Rivers Said He “Smashed Out” Paul’s Wife (Do Y’all Believe Him?)


UH-OH, YA’LL – LOOKS LIKE SOME FINE-A$$ NBA STUDS IS BEEFIN’ – SURPRISE, SURPRISE. APPARENTLY, Austin Rivers of the Los Angeles Clippers is trying to start something with Chris Paul who plays for the Houston Rockets. Things got heated between the two teams earlier this week, and that’s when Austin Rivers decided to bring out the smack talking!

Need I say more….

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Austin Rivers told Chris Paul TO HIS FACE that he “smashed out” his wife, Jada. SMASHED OUT?!?!

Walking into 14 straight like….

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YO, this man don’t even know how to trash talk. How you gon smash a ho out??


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As far as I am aware, here are the things one can “smash out:”
1) filling in a donut
2) imperfections in aluminum siding
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