Beyonce, A Houston Native, Is Reportedly Going To Buy A Stake In The Rockets

The Comedown

So, what does an average couple talk about when they sit at a basketball game together? No kids, no chores, just chatting about life and taking in the game… do you imagine ever turning to your partner and saying, “I think I’m going to buy this team?” Well, you’re not Beyonce (unless Queen Bey is reading this **squee**) and that’s the kind of bread it takes to get a sports team.


You do not mess with this line of women. They know their super powers and how they want to use them during this lifetime. Now that Queen Bey has had her twin babies, she’s looking for fresh challenges and advancements. Just in time for Les Alexander to sell…


Current owner, Les Alexander, recently put the Rockets NBA team on the market, a team he earned with a modest $25 million back in 1993. The current market has changed drastically since then and the price has gone way up…