Beyonce Showed Off Her Thick Thighs That Will Make You Drool As She And Jay-Z Support Solange At Her NYC Concert!


The Real President of the United States Beyonce Giselle Knowles stepped out for date night with the Real First Husband, Jay-Z last night. They headed out in NYC to take in Bey’s little sister Solange’s concert.


Beyonce and Solange are the first ever sisters to have US Number 1 albums in the same calendar year. That’s some Janet and Micheal stuff!


Even more surprising, is that these two musical triumphs “Lemonade” and “A Seat At The Table,” are both artists’ most thoughtful and thought-provoking albums yet. Both tackle issues of black woman-hood in this patriarchal, white-supremacist world.

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One of the greatest things about these sisters is that they are always supporting each other. They inspire and lead and follow one another into a higher level of consciousness and bravery. They help each other grow.