Beyonce’s Former Singing Coach Spills Tea About How Beyonce’s Father Mathew Had A ‘Huge’ Crack Cocaine Addiction

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Oh, Queen Bey – with fame comes the rattling of skeletons from people looking to profit off your success. Gather round and hear the tale told by her former voice coach, David Lee Brewer, and decide if you really want to buy a copy of his new book.


Have you heard about Brewer’s “memoir,” Beyonce: Raising Genius? Brewer was apparently Beyonce’s first vocal coach who worked with her and her sister up until Destiny’s Child rocked the planet.

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He also claims he was apparently of the live-in variety of vocal coaches while they were living in Houston, TX. With this vantage point, he claims he has all the dirt on what life was like in the Knowles household.


Whether or not his accusations about life in the Knowles house is true, do you think it’s opportunistic to publish a book like this just to make money off Beyonce’s life? Click Next to hear what he had to say about her dad…