Bill Cosby’s A Free Man For One More Day: The Jury For His Rape Trial Is Split — The Judge Says, “Keep Trying”

New York Times / Radar

The jury for the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial is split, making Cosby a free man a little longer.  The 7 men and 5 women have reported that they can’t agree on all three counts that Cosby is facing.

Time Magazine

The jury has been deliberating for about 40 hours over the course of 4 days and their tired. The judge is tired. Andrea Constand, who is one of Cosby’s primary accusers, and the only one with whom the statue of limitations hasn’t run out; meaning that Cosby’s conviction for 5 alleged decades of drugging and molesting women lies on her shoulders.

The Root / (inset) TMZ

Several of Cosby’s accusers have been present for the trial and many of them shed tears at the jury’s lack of unanimous agreement. This case carries even more weight than a regular sexual assault trial, as many are having a hard time separating Bill Cosby from his lovable television father-figure role as Cliff Huxtable. Would Cliff sexually assault someone with Claire in his bed at home? No. Would Bill Cosby? More than 50 women say so. If this is a racial conspiracy to ruin Cosby, who is now 70 and almost blind, someone went to a lot of effort.