Bill Cosby’s A Free Man For One More Day: The Jury For His Rape Trial Is Split — The Judge Says, “Keep Trying”

The jury called it quits around 9 pm last night. Judge Steven O’Neill told them, “Nine o’clock  is long enough to be debating for this day.” He also appears exhausted by the process. He added that he did not want to “intrude on deliberations,” but “”if there is anything you need me to know, you will let the court know….I just want to be clear where we are right now.” O’Neill, like the jury, appeared tired from another 12-hour day.”

ABC News

Andrew Wyatt is Bill Cosby’s spokesperson and he made a statement following the announcement of the deadlock. He took it as a sign that the prosecution didn’t do their job; that the facts of the case just “didn’t add up,” and the DA Kevin Steele is just milking this trial for his own political gains. “Mr. Cosby should not be here today, should not ever have been here … but we can’t change that, he’s here right now,” Wyatt concluded.