A Bitter Khia Claims Rapper T.I. Was The One Who Conspired To Kick Her Off The Xscape Reunion Show And She’s Pissed!

Houston Hip Hop Fix / Instagram

Followers of Khia know she spends most of her social media time on making videos with her pal, TS Madison, and spewing her opinion for the whole world to enjoy or despise. Do you find her commentary amusing?


What do you think of people who spend their time crafting their internet presence sipping iced tea and talking dirt about everyone in sight? Is her tea the genuine article, or, is it that powdery dust that flavors water?

You may have seen her recent edition of “Queen’s Court” in which TS Madison starts off the conversation carrying a shovel – their cute metaphor for digging up a dead topic. They proceeded through an hour long rant about being sent away at the Xscape NYE concert.


Did you hear about how they were apparently escorted away from the event? Not the best way to kick off the New Year! Apparently, an unsuspected player was behind their removal – Click Next to learn more!