A Bitter Khia Claims Rapper T.I. Was The One Who Conspired To Kick Her Off The Xscape Reunion Show And She’s Pissed!


It was believed Kandi Burruss was the culprit for having the Queens of Judgement thrown out of the get-together. That’s not the most unreasonable assumption to make, right?


After all, Khia and TS Madison have had some pretty nasty things to say about Toya Wright, the bestie-girl-pal of both Kandi and Tiny Harris. How do you feel about people who say nasty things to your friends?


Is there room for discussion, or, do you think people who know Khia believe there’s no turning back once she’s shared her opinion about anyone and anything? There was another little twisted detail in the story that pointed the finger Tamar Braxton’s intentions…


Braxton is allegedly not on good terms with Toya these days, so, the rumor was she brought Khia and TS Madison backstage with ulterior motives. Click next to learn more about who was allegedly the real ring leader behind Khia and TS Madison leaving the show…