Is Blac Chyna Trying To Become White? She’s Over-Bleached Her Her Face And Fans Are Nicknaming Her The Grey Ghost Now!

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It seems like every day we get a new story about Blac Chyna. Most of the time, it is about her drama with the Kardashians.

Blac Chyna is now rumored to be hanging out with Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband, Lamar Odom. And, of course, there is ongoing custody drama over her kid with Rob Kardashian.

So, in a weird way, we are happy to give you a story about Blac Chyna that does not actually involve any Kardashians. Or any men, for that matter. Click next to read more about this unique story.

Blac Chyna is known for being a pretty attractive woman. Attractive enough to seduce some of the more famous men in the entertainment and reality TV industries.