Black Leaders Call For A Full Kanye West Boycott After TMZ Meltdown Where He Said Black Ancestors “Chose To Be Slaves (Disturbing Details)

Twitter: @sherrishavon

Has Kanye West ever been in this deep of sh*t? We don’t think so. This “slavery was a choice” brouhaha makes the Taylor Swift debacle look innocent. And even Kim Kardashian can’t dig Kanye West out of this hole, no matter how many nude photos she posts on Instagram.

So Kanye… he’s been saying some pretty controversial things lately about politics, free thought, and just about everything else on his Twitter page, but his comments yesterday might just be his stupidest yet.

In his manic episode with Harvey Levin in the TMZ offices, surrounded by TMZ employees, Kanye actually had the balls to say “400 years of slavery” was a choice made black people. He had to facts to back that claim up, but what do facts matter to people like Kanye?