Black Students Get Two Black Chefs From NYU Fired For “Racist” Meal That Was Prepared For Black History Month (Menu And Details Inside)


You probably clicked on this thinking you’d get a laugh out of the over privileged, too sensitive NYU students who do not understand the working class. B there’s so much more to this story than the misleading headline.

While a lot Twitter struggles to understand the motives of the students involved, that’s largely due to purposeful misinformation maliciously created by the conservative publication the Daily Wire.

I won’t link back to that garbage site because they don’t deserve the traffic but the tweet above shows the publication’s official edit.

And while many of the comments on Twitter are lighthearted, such as the one above, the entire story reveals the extent of white supremacy in this country. It also reveals the sinister tactics used by conservatives to besmirch young black people who dare stand up.