Breakup’s Official! After Dumping A Super Pregnant Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott Was Caught Partying Hard In Miami To Bring In The New Year

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Guess there’s nothing like going solo on New Year’s Eve to spell out “IT’S OVER” for a new couple! Rumors have swirled around about Kylie Jenner and her alleged rapper baby daddy, Travis Scott – do you think they might have been true all this time?

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After all, a new couple in love and expecting their first child would probably want to spend their New Year’s Eve together, right? Do you think an excited boyfriend would take a gig that night if he was happy to be a daddy?


Instead of snuggling with his pregnant girlfriend by the fire with a mocktail, Scott was out on the town doing his thing. Very little commentary has come from the Kardashian dynasty about what is going on with one of their fairest princesses.


Can you imagine how Kylie must feel if the rumors are true and Scott ditched her to work… or party…? We’ve got pictures that might leave little to the imagination as to what was really on Scott’s mind! Click Next to see them!