Bye Felecia! Jill Scott Just Filed For Divorce From Husband Of 18 Months And He Is Spilling All The Tea On Why! (Shots Fired)

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You’ve read the stats on what makes a happy marriage, what sets a relationship up for success… and the one thing those stats can never really account for is “s**t happens.” You can be friends since childhood and have a total blast when you’re together… and marriage could still end up not being the best plan for that love story.

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R&B singer Jill Scott was set up for success. She and her long time boyfriend, Mike Dobson, had the time invested in knowing each other to make what seemed like to everyone a romantic and smart decision to get married.


These two were practically soulmates – the kind of love story that keeps Hollywood in business. Click on through to learn more about the end of this particular love story.


Scott and Dobson were married just last year – this story book princess finding her prince story only lasted for about 15 years. What could have happened?