Bye Felecia! Jill Scott Just Filed For Divorce From Husband Of 18 Months And He Is Spilling All The Tea On Why! (Shots Fired)

Something changes when we get married – no matter if you lived together or had kids together beforehand, we come into marriage with our own ideas of what it looks like and how it should be. It’s not a discussion we think about having – but, it could tell a couple so much about whether or not they should really tie the not.


Most of us have a deal breaker – there’s a lot we can forgive, but, sometimes, there’s just that one thing that spells out The End. Click on through to learn what the deal breaker was in this case.

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Scott has filed legal documents, according to MTO, citing irreconcilable differences and inappropriate marital conduct. Well, heave a heavy sigh – this means you’ve heard this story before and it’s going to make you mad…

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Scott also cites that “further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper.” Who’s unsafe, do you think? Scott, or Dobson for what he has done (You might want to give him a good hard kick yourself)?