California Couple Throws Marijuana-Themed Wedding With Bud Bouquets, “Dab Vows,” Vaping Areas, Edibles, And $8,000 Worth Of Dank Nugs

Robert Gumpert for The Guardian
Robert Gumpert for The Guardian

What do you get when you have a couple who is passionate about the cannibas movement? A cannibas- themed wedding of course!

Meet 31 year old Dani and her fiancé, 30-year-old Zak Walton! The both owe it to cannabis for helping them through some serious medical conditions when prescription pain killers weren’t doing the job for them.

The couple has used the herb to help soothe their ailments. Dani has a long history with fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and Cushing syndrome, while Zak deals with a shattered herniated disk that results in acute nerve pain.

The two met 12 years ago and fast became smoking buddies. It only makes sense that they would want to make pot the center piece in their August 2017 wedding since it enabled them to live life as pain-free as possible together.