Cardi B Doubles Down On Her Gang Ties As Concert Promoters Call For Armed Backup: “I’m A Certified Member Of The Bloods And Ready To Die”

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SAY WHAT? Cardi B connected to the Gang? Yes, indeedy!

Over the weekend there were reports that CRIPS gang members were threatening to extort Cardi B for “disrespecting” them. Cardi didn’t seem to mind the threats.

She doubled back that she has been “banging blood” since she was 16. She also told fans that she rather than leaving the gang she “might as well get killed.”

TMZ also reports that she laid out, “Im militant. I know my oath my nation like the back of my hands I came from the streets. I been banging sh*t since I 16 NOT AFTER FAME OR BODAK. I’m new to the world. I’m not new in the Bronx or NY. “