Cardi B Doubles Down On Her Gang Ties As Concert Promoters Call For Armed Backup: “I’m A Certified Member Of The Bloods And Ready To Die”

“I will never let nobody extort me. I rather drop my flag that’s against my law.”

Whew! Those are some heavy words to lay down! With such a whirlwind success it seems her hood mentality has not had time to fade. The girl doesn’t ever have to go back to the pole with $4million as her net worth now but it seems she is still living in that world after having spent so many years living it.

It takes time for the mind to change and get used to new circumstances and ways of living. They say that when you go through a break-up it takes 1/2 the time of the relationship to get over it. We’re guessing the same applies to throwing away an old lifestyle!

We just hope that Cardi’s hood words don’t end up setting her up in some serious matters! It would do her well to rethink the words she chooses as she is only swatting at an angry yellow jacket right now. We all know how well that works out!