Cardi B Finally Reveals Her ‘Obvious’ Baby Bump At iHeart Radio Awards – A Super Cute Bardi Was Struggling To Move And Clearly Out Of Breath (Pics)

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The big highlight of Sunday night’s iHeart Radio Music Awards was easily the opening number by Cardi B. It’s the performance everyone’s been talking about and frankly, she upstaged everyone that followed her.

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The 25-year-old rapper performed a medley of her smash hits, and even though her presence alone was enough to keep the audience buzzing throughout the show, the real topic of conversation was her appearence, and performance

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Cardi wore a roomy black leather jacket and a black tutu, and the one unmistakable thing no one could miss was her prominent baby bump. The other thing that was obvious during her performance was she was struggling to keep up with the tempo (and she didn’t even dance much.)