Cardi B Gets Gets Slammed With Gang Threats For Dissing Crips In An IG Post (She Says She’s A Proud Member Of The Bloods)

These particular rumors concern a possible relationship between Cardi B and grammy winner Bruno Mars. Cardi is not only on Bruno’s recent single, Finesse, the two performed together at the Grammies and will be spending even more time together when they go on tour soon.

While rumors of infidelity present their own kind of trouble, those concerns are minimal when compared against what some of Cardi has already endured. Other potential trouble on the horizon is also far more disturbing than a possible affair.

As she famously raps in the semi-autobiographical Bodak Yellow, though Cardi now lives in a house with a gate, she grew up in the projects. Impacted by both poverty and domestic abuse in her teens, Cardi found a way out through stripping. 

Capitalizing on her good looks and playful sass, Cardi crafted an authentic online persona that endeared her to men and women alike. Whatever you think of her musical talent or public image, you can’t deny that Cardi is a self-made woman.