Cardi B. Goes H.A.M. At Concert Threatening Disrespectful Fans Saying She Came Armed And Is Prepared To Shoot (She Going To Far?)


When you’re performing, the adrenaline is powerful and inevitably present if something happens that challenges your focus. Your high energy seeps into all your other most immediate reactions – you probably remember, if you were a performer, how rude people were backstage, right?


Thing is, throwing liquid on people performing in costumes is extremely dangerous. Whoever did this might have had adrenaline running from enjoying the performance, but, seriously, this is bad move with injurious repercussions.


So, Cardi B laid in on this person after having been splashed with champagne while trying to perform. Would you have been furious if someone threatened your safety onstage? Click on through to hear what she had to say (video to follow)!


“Don’t throw no muthaf**kin’ champagne cause we can throw these hands. I don’t give a f**k.” Riding high on the success of record breaking streak of solo hits on the Billboard 100, she makes it clear she knows what she’s doing.