Cardi B Got Jumped By Young Ma And Her Gang Of Female Goons — We Got The Video And It’s Savage!


Cardi B. and Young MA are two women in rap who don’t take no s*** from nobody; not even each other. Now we have video proof to back their tough girl claims up.

In Touch Weekly

Cardi B is a scrapper who began stripping after she decided to leave an abusive relationship; she saw turning to dancing as the only way to escape. She feels that God put that job in her way, just when she needed it.

The Boombox

Known for her Real Talk sensibilities and practical advice, as well as being stunningly gorgeous, Cardi B made a name for herself on social media very quickly. She’s been in lots of wars of words with lots of people; but you always get the sense from Cardi B that she could kick someone’s a**.