Cardi B Is In Hot Water Again For Allegedly Jacking Her Latest Hit Single From Another Female Rapper (Here’s The Claim, Decide For Yourself)


Cardi B is burning up the music charts. She released the single of the summer, “Bodak Yellow.” And we are not just the only ones saying that “Bodak Yellow” was a hit.


“Bodak Yellow” reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. What’s more, the New York Times calling it “the rap anthem of the summer.” When the New York Times mentions your music, you know it is a big hit. Old white people read the New York Times. Imagine them listening to Cardi B after reading that review!


With a big hit comes big responsibility, and as “Bodak Yellow” got bigger, so did the pressure on Cardi B to follow up that single with another massive hit. Cardi B is reportedly trying to take Nicki Minaj’s spot as the top femcee in current hip hop. Click next to read more.


But can Cardi B take on Nicki Minaj? Maybe she can with some help. And that brings us to what we are here to talk about today.