Cardi B’s Thick Makeup Artist Is A Magician! Look At Some Of These Before And After Pics and We Think You’ll Agree!


But what if we were to tell you that Cardi B is not all that she seems? That some of her appeal is literally by design? And we are not just talking about the fact that her real name is Belcalis Almanzar. Click next to read more about Cardi B’s secrets.


Would you believe us if we told you that the Cardi B you are used to seeing is not what she wakes up looking like? This is scandalous information!

Okay, we might be overselling this a bit. Of course, a successful media personality and rapper has a persona that might be slightly different than what she is like at home, away from the cameras.


Of course, Cardi B is no exception, even if she is also a reality TV star. We all know that reality TV stars are great at perfecting their public images through makeup. (Kardashians, we are looking in your general direction.)