“Cash Me Outside” Girl Danielle Bregoli Sucker-Punched “Woah Vicky” In The Back Of The Head! (We Got The Video)

Apparently, Woah Vicky challenged Bregnoli to a fight, even going so far as to give her an address to meet her. All of these challenges never materialized, but sources say the two bumped into each other Sunday afternoon (April 16, 2018) in Los Angeles.

Who thinks I’m gettin thick 😝

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Then according to the video (below), the interaction soon turned into a screaming match, as this sort of lame beef usually does. It didn’t take too long for a healthy group of bystanders circle around and start throwing video up on social media.

Bregnoli looked ready to go. She kicked off her shoes and tucked her hair into her hoodie to protect it from getting pulled, and bouncing around like a baby pit bull, but the meeting was mostly verbal.