The “Cash Me Outside” Girl Gets Busted On Video – Her ‘Ghetto Accent’ Is Totally Fake (Check Out How She Really Talks)

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Well, you know her best from acting pretty tough on Dr. Phil — calling the audience names and getting an awkward applause for being nasty. If you found out her accent was fake, would you be surprised with a front like that?

I let em hate cuz I know that they broke , my wave comin betta go wit the flow 🌊

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Since mouthing out to her mom on TV for the world to see, her “Cash Me Outside” coin was plastered to ALL THE MEMES. If you watched that clip, did you think she was funny? Or did you find the situation sad?

All y’all look like u still fly spirit 🛫 #hibich #bhannedintheusa

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We’ll give you some side by side comparison videos and you’ll see there’s not always the tough girl “hood” accent coming out with all her other charming expressions.

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