The “Cash Me Outside” Girl Just Broke The Internet With A Savage Diss Track For Iggy Azalea (Her Bars Were Cold Af

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Danielle Bhad Bhabie is a testament to how anyone can gain fame nowadays given the powerful tool of media! The girl went viral after being a guest on Dr. Phil and fronting the audience with “Cash Me Outside” when they didn’t like her attitude.


We have to hand it to Danielle for consistency! She is keeping with the attitude and these days is adding Iggy Azalea to her list of people she is threatening in her Bhad Bhabie sorta way!

Danielle just released a remix for her hit song “Hi B*tch”  in which the “Cash Me Outside” star aimed a few bars at rapper Iggy Azalea! Will Iggy respond with “Cash Me Outside?”

Bhad Bhabie laid down the lyrics, “B-tch, don’t compare me to Iggy…that old h– is washed and I’m lit. Wouldn’t pay her to wash up my whip. Bye Broke B-tch, Bye H–.” Truer ladylike words were never spoken wouldn’t you agree??