The Cast Of Old ’80s “Cosby Show” — What Do They Look Like Now?

TMZ / Essence

“The Cosby Show” crushed the ratings during it’s 8 year run on television as America’s favorite family sitcom. It paved the way for other popular family shows like “Home Improvement” and gave other comedians a break in creating favorites like “Seinfeld.” If you’re curious about what they’ve been up to, “The Cosby Show” was definitely provided most of these actors with their fabled “glory days,” but, they’ve mostly all gone on to have successful careers… mostly… Let’s leave the obvious for last, shall we? Let’s start with some cuteness…


As the other kids were starting to grow up and Denise was moving her way out of the picture, people were starting to miss the how kids do, it seems, “say the darndest things…” Raven Symone played Denise’s stepdaughter, Olivia Kendall. Though the show would only go on for another two seasons, the actress was able to move on the “Hanging With Mr. Cooper” without missing a beat. Raven might be the most familiar face here as she has continued to work on television to include the ever popular “The View,” starred in a musical and Broadway, and she recently announced she’s going to work on a spinoff of her show “That’s So Raven” with Disney! What about Denise?


Lisa Bonet played the part of Cosby’s second daughter, Denise, who went off to college and inspired the spinoff show “A Different World.” Rumor has it Cosby was furious with Bonet for staring in a sexually explicit film called “Angel Heart” which led to her termination from the show in 1991 (Anyone shouting, “Hypocrite!” out there?). Though she was more recently seen still hobknobbing with Holloywood greats at the “Big Little Lies” Elle event, you probably caught her in other films like “High Fidelity” in 2000 as a singer who had a fling with John Cusack, ever the jilted lover. Let’s see about big sister now…