CDC: The Top 10 American Cities With The Highest Rates Of HIV

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HIV, which originated in Kinshasa of the Democratic Republic of Congo around 1920, crossed over from species starting with the chimpanzees to humans. Not before long, cases of severe cancers and rare lung infections developed from extreme cases of immune deficiencies, which peaked among gay males in 1981.

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Originally, this disease was believed to be sexually caused, but that quickly changed when female partners of males who contracted this deficiency of the immune system, began expressing symptoms. As cases of this disease reached an epidemic level at the end of 1984 and into 1985, major cities across the United States began closing their bath houses and private sex clubs in an attempt to reduce the surge.

Here are the top ten United States cities with the highest rates of the HIV infection. We start off with Miami, Florida where a continuing upward trend that began in 2012 soared up to 23 percent by July 2015 and continues to rise.