Check Out The Married R&B Singer Drake Is Allegedly Dating Now – Y’all Think Drizzy Can Handle A Woman Built Like This?


Nevertheless, it seems as if Drake might be a good guy and old fashioned at heart. According to one source, “Drake does want to settle down and have kids one day, and he’s confident that the right woman will come along at the right time.” Click next to read more.


The source went on, “Until then, Drake’s not forcing anything, and he’s making the most of the lifestyle that comes along with being Drake.” No doubt. Why wouldn’t a hot rapper take advantage of all that fame has to offer?


According to our sources, Drake is spending a lot of time with Kelly Price these days. Kelly is 44–thirteen years older than Drake! Our sources say that the talented two were spotted out and about in Houston flirting with each other. . .and eventually leaving together. But here is the scandal: Kelly Price has been married to her husband, Jeffrey Rolle, since 1992.

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Get the smelling salts, y’all, we are about to pass out from the drama. What do y’all think about this age difference? Is age nothing but a number? Or should Drake focus on younger women? He seems to really like older women.